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It’s time for a break.

We’ve all been absorbing the fallout of extreme change. From the endless barrage of troublesome headlines to a seemingly overnight switch to working from home, the business world looks a lot different than it did just weeks ago and so it makes us reflect on how we run certain services, this is why now more than ever client have been asking for me to do more remote services.

And now I am proud to announce that I have listened and taken action for you all, to enjoy the comfort of your own home but still have your regular meetings with me.

How does it work? well if you have access to a mobile phone with WiFi its pretty straight forward, we use many platforms of communication from Skype to zoom and most clients use zoom as its easy to connect and cost nothing to join. You can find this in your play store, simply log your details in and away we go.

Should you not be able to do this, I would recommend asking a friend or family member to help you, and if this is not possible we can phone you and have the 121 session until we establish video chat (phone calls are not available on international waters at this moment) 

Video call give both you and me the same experience as if we were in the same room, the opportunity to see face to face both client and life coach makes the whole process of assessment run smoother than is it was done via phone call.

All video chats are recorded for continuous personal development (CPD) and ongoing support and assessment. Please note your records are not stored on a data base online, they are stored in a individual locked external hard drive system and then onto a single USB stick should you require a record of your video calls and assessments to see how much you have achieved in your time spent both online with me and the course work provided as part of your CPD.   

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